About Numet

The National Union of Mine and Energy Workers of Tanzania was founded on 1st October 2011. Its birth was facilitated by comrades Nicomedes M. Kajungu who rose to be its first General Secretary, Albert J. Machumu who turned to be its first President. NUMET got its registration on 20th February 2013.
It has 6 Zones namely Lake Zone, Western Zone, Eastern Zone, Northern Zone, Central Zone and Southern Highland Zone and has a dedicated office and competent staff in all these zones except Central and Northern Zone to ensure access of its services to members across the country and across the sectors.

The history of the National Union of Mine and Energy Workers of Tanzania (NUMET) is a history of class struggle. This struggle is embedded in the inherent contradictions that exist between capital and labour but also the struggle against colonialism. For their own survival and dignity and the positive results of the struggle against colonialism, the workers learned through history that unity was strength hence the logic of forming trade unions at the workplace. This alone has cemented the spirit of coming together, but more so the believe of victory through solidarity.
The success of this solidarity in the extractive industry (Mining and Energy) made NUMET grow and its fighting spirit to permeate into both energy and construction sectors. Thus, this giant ever-growing institution of the workers represents around 5,000 as of April 2018.

Our Promise and Values

NUMET `s strength is ensuring that its members are protected from health and safety hazards and where there is negligence the company must adequately effect compensation.


To ensure a Social Security Scheme is in place for the benefit of Tanzania Workers while at work and even after retirement and promote workers rights and defend their interests.


To improve the social and economical condition of workers by collective action through NUMET Specifically in securing improved wages, shorter hours of work and better conditions of services.


To ensure that rights and principles of democracy are implemented by the relevant bodies without discrimination, be it sex, race, belief or political affiliation.


To promote, protect, strengthen and develop the cherished traditions and institutions of democracy and to secure fully the rights and liberties of Trade Unions